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Nov 26, 2012 5:00pm PST
three weeks left before the fiscal cliff, the clock is ticking for president obama and congress. >> the clerk will read the communication. >> reporter: lawmakers are back at work and under the deadline pressure. >> we can solve the greatest economic emergency facing the nation today. >> reporter: white house economist say without a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, americans may start closing their wallets during the critical holiday shopping season. and curb their spending well into next year. >> they think that it is important that congress extends the middle class tax cuts without delay, without drama. and it is because it will help to maintain the increase in the consumer confidence that we have seen. >> reporter: both sides say they are ready to compromise to avoid the nearly $600 billion in tax hikes and mandatory spending cuts, scheduled to kick in on january 1. but the taxes, they remain the sticking point. republicans and congress, they have been long opposed to any tax increases, but the gop lawmakers say that they are open to raising more revenues through the tax ref
Nov 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
in february back in 2009. but that didn't offset worries about the "fiscal cliff." little progress being made on capitol hill and the dow reacted down 89. nasdaq down 9. s&p down 7. >>> thieves know you have already started your holiday shopping. now all they have to do is wait for your packages to be delivered. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts on ways to protect your doorstep deliveries. >>> reporter: you could call her the grinch who stole christmas. a brazen robber swiping a delivery from a front porch unabair she was on camera. >> i think it's opportunity. >> reporter: this officer says so-called porch pirating rises dramatically this time of year because there are so many deliveries and packages are easy pickings. >> they may actually be driving around neighborhoods and looking for packages and seeing whatever they see on the porches. >> reporter: but there are many options to protect your packages this holiday season. the old standards have them delivered to your work or neighbor who is home during the day, or take advantage of theft preventing delivery options like signature re
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2